• ‘Soccer' derives from which word? The Weekend quiz

    11 monthes ago - By The Guardian

    From a bear to Baby D, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz 1 Which singer leapt to her death from the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome?
    2 On a coin, what do the letters FD stand for?
    3 What is South America's only native bear?
    4 “Soccer” derives from which word?
    5 Which artificial flowers are manufactured in Edinburgh and Richmond ?
    6 What do the Inuit, Gallic and Norse groups orbit?
    7 Which artist had a pet wombat called Top?
    8 Baby D in 1996 were the first recipients of which award?
    What links:
    9 Anarchism; Jihadism; Serbian Chetniks; Pirate party?
    10 EB White; Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks...
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