• How to make the Queen of Hungary's Water from common garden herbs

    11 monthes ago - By NZ Life & Leisure

    Splash around a little of this home-made herbal ‘water' for its lovely scent and remedial nature.
    Words: Kristina Jensen
    Open a vanity in any woman's bathroom and with very few exceptions , you will find a multitude of bottles, soaps, roll-ons, and scents. It's for the wrinkles, the crows' feet, something for the flab, the fat and the less fortunate parts of one's anatomy.
    Whether one wishes to get ‘dolled up' or ‘wind down', science has the answer - cosmetics - with a price tag attached.
    The word ‘cosmetic' comes from the Greek word ‘kosmeticos' meaning ‘skilled in adornment'. In turn...
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