• Nomos salutes Ludwig Van with four new Beethoven-inspired Tetra ‘Symphony' models

    1 month ago - By LifestyleAsia

    What better way to say "Ludwig Van, you're the man" than with four new, coolly coloured additions to the Tetra lineup?
    From left to right: the Tetra 'Ode to Joy'; and Tetra 'Divine Spark'.
    From left to right: the Tetra 'Fidelio'; and Tetra 'Immortal Beloved'.
    Amongst a very particular subset of watch collectors - particularly those into art and multidisciplinary design - Nomos's Tetra collection has been a known quantity for nearly a decade. The independent German watchmaker's following has blossomed since the days of the OG Tetra ; but modern versions of the distinctly German-looking...
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