• Why Adding Fat To Your Food Can Actually Make It Better For You

    11 monthes ago - By Men's Health

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    The more oil you add, the more nutrients you'll absorb, a new study finds
    You've always heard that salad dressing is full of empty calories-but if you choose the right kind, a drizzle can actually make your meal healthier, suggests a new study from Iowa State University published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition .
    Researchers had 12 women eat salads containing spinach, romaine, carrots, and cherry tomatoes topped with simple dressings containing 0, 2, 4, 8, or 32 grams of soybean oil. Then, they tested the participants' blood to measure how efficiently they...
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  • Aldi have just launched a wine advent calendar

    Aldi have just launched a wine advent calendar

    11 monthes ago - By Metro

    Advent can be a stressful period, what with all the social occasions, presents to buy and work to finish.
    And while a daily piece of chocolate might sooth some jaded souls, some of us prefer a little liquid refreshment.
    Something not too strong, a little fruity, a little varied.
    Gin advent calendars are slightly too hardcore and drinking 24 drams of Whisky is slightly not ok, even in December.
    No, what you need around Christmas is wine and plenty of it.
    Like this one from Aldi, which is going on sale both in store and online from 1 November.
    For £49.99, you'll get 24 mini... Read the full...
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  • You can buy a wedding dress for just £25

    You can buy a wedding dress for just £25

    11 monthes ago - By Metro

    What would you say if I told you that you can get a wedding dress, an actual nice wedding dress, for £25?
    Well, let's find out. You can buy a nice wedding dress for £25.
    Amazing, right? With the average UK wedding dress costing £1,385, that's a pretty massive saving. And, having had a look at them, it's not even that much of a compromise on style.
    The gowns are being sold at The Wedding Loft, a fund raising initiative by Dove House Hospice.
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