• 11 Hearty, Cold-Defying Winter Stew Recipes

    10 monthes ago - By Health & Lifestyle

    Winter's foggy greyness, blustery snowstorms and icy rains are nothing a steaming bowl of stew can't handle. From slowly braised chicken, to Moroccan-style vegetable stew and stout-braised beef, the only question is: which bowl will you choose? Find inspiration in the gallery below:
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    Photos 1. Braised oxtail ragu Photo, Sian Richards.
    Yes it's the tail, and is it ever delicious. Intensely rich and tasty, it makes a brilliant stew that freezes well too. Get the recipe for braised oxtail ragu .
    2. Chicken and bean stew Photo, Erik Putz.
    Start your week on a warm note and...
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  • Nutty Chicken Stew, Plus 4 More Easy Dinner Recipes

    Nutty Chicken Stew, Plus 4 More Easy Dinner Recipes

    10 monthes ago - By Health & Lifestyle

    Weeknights are best when filled with easy, delicious meals that don't require a lot of effort. From a hearty stew to a healthy vegetarian main, this meal plan has everything you need to get dinner on the table. We've even got a grocery list to help with the shopping! (Kitchen Tip: We made dessert optional, so don't forget to add the ingredients to your list.)
    And leftovers - what leftovers? Here's a simple set of recipes to help you use up any odds and ends when the week is over.
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    Photos 1. Monday: White beans on toast with arugula salad Photo, Roberto Caruso.
    Ready in: 30...
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