• What links Henry Cooper, Brian London and Joe Bugner? The Weekend quiz

    1 month ago - By The Guardian

    From dinosaur to hedgehog, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz 1 What are the only surviving dinosaurs?
    2 Which school calls itself the “oldest children's democracy in the world”?
    3 What is the naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver?
    4 Which cape is at the south-west corner of Europe?
    5 Where was third class scrapped in 1956?
    6 Which Stratford-upon-Avon building was designed by Elisabeth Scott?
    7 Red blood cells are made in what tissue?
    8 Ouagalais live in what African country?
    What links:
    9 Silent (2); English (89); Korean (1)?
    10 Stop; staircase; guillotine; single; double...
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