• Dr Compost Ben Elms recipe for a good life and tips for top compost

    One year ago - By NZ Life & Leisure

    6 tips to making awesome compost from Ben Elms aka Dr Compost
    As a champion of the health and happiness benefits of rich, rotting compost, nothing makes Ben Elms more content than the multitude of microscopic critters squirming in his soil.
    Words: Kate Coughlan Photos: Rachael Hale Mckenna
    Although the ley lines along which Ben Elms and Robyn Bardas travelled to meet, and settle together, arose a great distance apart, they did so in common ground.
    The intersection of those lines lies in the deeply mulched soil of a 20ha farm near Lake Hawea - home to Ben, Robyn, their daughter Leilana (17)...
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