• You'll have better sleep when you retire

    10 monthes ago - By Metro

    Have you spent the last few nights tossing and turning?
    Well, congrats. You've got years of rubbish sleep to get through, but then, finally, you should be able to get some rest. Who needs sleep now, when you're trying to get stuff done? You can catch up on your sleep in a few decades.
    A new study has found that when people retire, their sleep difficulties tend to diminish.
    It's thought that this is because post-retirement we're no longer worrying about work, meaning we're not kept up at night by the Sunday scaries.
    Research analysed survey data from 5,800 Finnish public sector employees...
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  • If you're getting sick, you really need to give the gym a rest

    If you're getting sick, you really need to give the gym a rest

    10 monthes ago - By Metro

    I've been getting sick progressively over the past week.
    I felt it come on last Monday...and felt it escalating after someone sneezed in my face on Tuesday and by Friday, I was bed bound.
    All the way through, however, I kept on training - and training hard.
    After all, them gains ain't gonna get themselves.
    I've always believed that sweating a bug out is the best way to rid an illness but it looks like I'm wrong. Continuing to hammer the weights probably contributed to what can only be described as full-on man flu.
    At least Justin Maguire from body transformation company, the Gamma Project...
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