• 3 couples reveal their worst Valentine's Day stories

    One year ago - By Metro

    Valentine's Day doesn't always go to plan
    Valentines Day is the one day a year in which couples have the excuse to revel in each other's love and celebrate their relationship.
    Quiz: How much do you really know about Valentine's Day?
    However this annual recognition of love can bring a lot of pressure when it comes to buying the right gift, writing the perfect card and arranging the most romantic Valentine's date possible - and quite often things can go wrong.
    I spoke with three couples who each ran into... Read the full story
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  • Penguins celebrate Valentine's Day by snoozing on felt hearts

    Penguins celebrate Valentine's Day by snoozing on felt hearts

    One year ago - By Metro

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    Oh look, these penguins are celebrating Valentine's Day better than we ever have.
    Rather than exchanging cheap chocolate or pretending that the poem our boyfriend wrote is actually really good, really, penguins living at San Francisco's California Academy of Sciences mark the occasion by collecting red felt hearts the biologists have made just for them.
    Those felt hearts are then used as nesting material, either left as they are or torn to pieces. The penguins then snooze on said...
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