• Meet the mum and 15-year-old daughter competing for Instagram popularity

    One year ago - By Metro

    Most of us cringe at the thought of our mums being on social media, let alone being more popular than us on it.
    But mum-of-two Jenna Ward is giving her daughter, Chloe, a run for her money on Instagram.
    She's got nearly 7,000 fans and is quickly catching up Chloe who has 9,600 in a battle to see who can take the best selfies.
    ‘Having a daughter like Chloe to keep me on my “selfie toes” is great and it helps me look young,' says Jenna, 32.
    ‘I'm proud of our selfie battle, we view it as healthy competition. I am sure others will criticise it...but we don't care.'
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