• Jim Kayes' Blog: Lol moments

    8 monthes ago - By NZ Life & Leisure

    Jim's cringey efforts to use the latest lingo provide amusement to his teenage daughters.
    She looked over at my text and hit the roof.
    “Dad, did you really just write lol?”
    I had, I couldn't deny it, and I was unsure what the problem was.
    “It's just too try-hard,” she said
    Why? Are these new-ish ways of communicating reserved just for the young? Had I crossed some boundary I wasn't aware of?
    Apparently so.
    “It's just...” she said with a shake of her worldly 12-year-old head.
    Bravely, I ventured further. So if it's not cool for me to lol, what about Mum? That was met with raucous laughter...
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