• Gingery-tofu noodle soup, plus 4 more dinner recipes

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    This week's meal plan is comfort food - with a twist! From an aromatic vegetarian soup to steak and potatoes served with a spicy arugula green sauce, dinner will surprise and delight everyone all week long. And did we mention it's all ready in 45 minutes or less? Scroll through our gallery below for inspiration.
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    Photo, Erik Putz.
    Monday: Gingery tofu and rice noodle soup
    Ready in: 30 min. Serves: 4.
    A cozy and aromatic vegetarian noodle soup that will warm you against the chill. Packed with sporuts, spinach, leeks, ginger and c ilantro for loads...
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  • 5 ingredients in gluten-free foods that will surprise you

    5 ingredients in gluten-free foods that will surprise you

    One year ago - By Metro

    Do you know what's in your gluten-free food?
    As a regular buyer of gluten-free food, I've been delighted in recent years by the improving quality of the products.
    However, when I look at the ingredients lists, they make my scientific brain go into overdrive.
    11 things you only know if you're gluten free
    What on earth are all these things and what role do they have in my food?
    As the mother of a coeliac child, I've decided that it's in my interest to start finding out.
    Here are five ingredients commonly found in gluten-free foods that may surprise you.
    1. Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose...
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