• 15 things all curry lovers know to be true

    11 monthes ago - By Metro

    This is your idea of heaven
    Being a curry lover is the easiest thing in the world, because it just tastes so wonderful.
    Let's talk about the Facebook friend birthday deletion
    When it comes to food types, forget about popular foods like pizza, kale and sushi because curry comes out on top every single time.
    It can be found almost anywhere, it is full of flavour, spice and best of all there are oodles of different varieties to get stuck into.
    Here are some things that all curry lovers out there know to be true.
    1. Choices galore
    Do you go for a cheeky chicken tikka masala, or a... Read the...
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  • Guys, it's really mean to delete Facebook friends on their birthday

    Guys, it's really mean to delete Facebook friends on their birthday

    11 monthes ago - By Metro

    Guys. We need to talk about birthday Facebook deletion.
    We've all got those people lingering on our list of friends who we don't really need anymore. Maybe you met on a night out and decided to stay in touch forever. Perhaps you were on the same holiday and under the influence of sun and booze thought that you had stuff in common. And of course we can't forget about the people you went to school with and only added to try and prove that your life has turned out better than those.
    I'm not saying you should stay friends with these people.
    I'm saying that their...
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