• Matteo Aloe's recipe for pappa al pomodoro with mozzarella and 'nduja

    7 monthes ago - By The Guardian

    The Italian staple for using up waste bread gets a spicy twist with melted Calabrian 'ndjua and buffalo mozzarella Every region in Italy has a different method and recipe to salvage waste bread, from ribollita to polpette to panzanella. My favourite is the evergreen, or ever-red, pappa al pomodoro. As with many of Italy's staple dishes, such as pizza or pasta, the pappa is a base to play with. In this case, I have added buffalo mozzarella, for its fresh and rich flavours, and melted Calabrian 'nduja, for a spicy twist that reminds me of home. Serves: 4
    Prep time: 10 mins
    Cooking time: 20 mins
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