• Where to buy the cheapest Halloween pumpkins - Morrisons, Asda and Tesco compared

    One year ago - By Metro

    Decorate your home the traditional way this Halloween by dotting some spooky Jack o' Lanterns around for the trick-or-treaters to see.
    Expecting women to 'Ride or Die' is so boringly lame
    The seasonal excitement sometimes cloud consumer's judgement as they see a pumpkin and immediately go to stock up for their festive carving artwork experience but pay little attention to the price.
    You will see the Halloween squashes lined up as you enter every supermarket in the run-up to Halloween and refrain from brainstorming your carving ideas as you pick them up and... Read the full story
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  • Expecting women to ‘Ride or Die' is so boringly lame

    Expecting women to ‘Ride or Die' is so boringly lame

    One year ago - By Metro

    (Illustration: Deirdre Spain for Metro.co.uk)
    Ride or Die has been used in rap since time immemorial to describe a woman who's willing to stick with a dude, regardless of how badly he f*cks up.
    Type Ride or Die into Spotify and you get well over 400 results of songs describing a time when some bloke was high or on the run - but was fine because they had their ever loyal slice with them.
    It doesn't matter if he's in the nick on a 10-year drug sentence, or if he's been caught with his pants down, the Ride or Die chick remains solid, immovable.
    She's fine with stashing cash or wraps under a...
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