• How To Plant A Garden That's Nice To Look At - All Year Round

    7 monthes ago - By Health & Lifestyle

    Photo, Kelly Brown.
    A garden that always has continuous blooms throughout the growing season is a goal for many of us flower lovers. It can be easy to head out to the garden centre in the spring and be lured by plants that are blooming in their pots and then end up with a plot filled with flowers that just bloom in the spring. It takes a bit more planning to design a garden that gives us flowers throughout summer and fall (and still provides some interest in winter). Here's how:
    1. Take your garden's qualities into account when making your plant choices.
    How much sun do you have when the...
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  • 10 Plants And Flowers That Are Super Easy To Start From Seed

    10 Plants And Flowers That Are Super Easy To Start From Seed

    7 monthes ago - By Health & Lifestyle

    There are many reasons why starting plants from seed is a great option. For one, it's much cheaper - especially if you are growing large amounts. And, in the summer, when most plant nurseries are cleaned out, you can use seeds to fill holes in the garden left by spring bloomers. Below is a list of 10 that require little more than soil, water and a regular spring garden temperatures.
    Tips for direct seeding
    To plant directly in your garden, first make sure your soil is weed free and finely raked. After planting, give the seeds a gentle watering, being sure not to wash them away. After...
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