• What links Primal Scream, PH Newby and Malcolm Morley? The Weekend quiz

    5 monthes ago - By The Guardian

    From Antonia to Vanessa, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz 1 What resulted from an argument over the fastest game bird in Europe?
    2 Ernest Bevin wanted the “bloody Union Jack on top” of what?
    3 Charmion was the servant and confidante of which monarch?
    4 Which countries are separated by the Yalu river?
    5 What venue has 85 acoustic diffusers, known as “mushrooms”?
    6 Antonia is the title instrument in what novel?
    7 What is the second oldest independent nation in the Americas?
    8 What has Tattersalls sold since 1766?
    What links:
    9 Navona; Campidoglio; di Spagna; del Popolo; St...
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